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An open access forum to multi-regional input-output (MRIO) data, focussing on environmental footprints. This web-based database includes detailed results of key indicators from each of the MRIO models – EXIOBASE, WIOD, EORA, GTAP and OECD ICIO. Results include total environmental pressure; characterised by impact type; intensity of environmental pressure per unit economic output; multipliers of environmental pressure per unit economic final demand; footprints of final demand. All results are reported at a common classification to facilitate comparison

EU footprints

An investigation of European Union footprint at the sub-national level. Regional footprints reported for five environmental indicators and seven consumption categories.


This pages is currently under construction and results are preliminary. The visualization is for illustrative purposes only and the data used to calculate the EU footprints is subject to frequent change. The information provided should currently not be used to draw any conclusion on the actual footprints of EU regions. Information on the status of the EU footprints development will be updated regularly. For any further information please contact Diana Ivanova.


The Environmental Footprints web-page collects data from multiple international databases and enables users to extract environmental information of countries and regions. To facilitate the data comparability, environmental accounts are provided in a standardised classification. In addition, the Environmental Footprints web-page includes various visualisations to illustrate the environmental impacts of countries with an in detail break down of EU regions. The results presented here only show output from considerable amount of work put into the original databases - so please cite and use the original data for your analysis. The results also utilise standardised classifications developed by others - see info and terms of use for full details

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